Female Voice Talent Links

When it comes to selecting a voice over talent for voice overs, you either want a male voice talent or a female voice talent. If you are looking for a female voice over talent then here is a list of some of the biggest. I searched the internet to find some of the best females for voice overs. Each voice talent brings their own special blend of voice talents to internet. You fill find the demos of voice overs from this select group to be the cream of the crop as far as voice talent goes. All of the voice overs are available for download, or streaming so you can quickly choose the perfect female voice for your voice over project.


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Link to Debbie Gratton Female Voice Talent

Kerry McCall

Female Voice Talent

Mona Lisa Voice Overs
Warm, engaging, and compelling narration for audio books, documentaries, and commercials.

Leslie O

African American Female Voice talent