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Here is a list of some of the biggest sites for wood carvings, wood carvings and relief carving artists. Here you will find other wood carvings that feature different styles of relief carving. I hope that you bookmark "Carvatures Relief Wood Carvings" and come back often to see new works of wood carvings. Just because I don't have a picture of certain kind of woodcarving, or a particular object in a relief wood carving, certainly does not mean that I can't carve it. As you can see by my art gallery of wood carvings I can do many types of wood carvings.
There are many different styles of wood carvers. Some do wood carvings of ducks exclusively. Duck decoys seem to be at the top of the list when it comes to other wood carvers I have seen on the internet, while others tend to do just wildlife. Check out these links and see what others are doing in wood. It is just terrific to find others who have taken to the passion of carving a piece of art from a piece of wood. Enjoy!
WoodCarvers Web (TM)
Sculptor org link
carving patterns link
electronic cottage link
carvers on the net  link

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