Relief Wood Carvings

In Memory of the Artist D. Bruce Walker (August 24, 1955 - June 30, 2008)


To Carve 3-D wood sculptures that literally leap out of the frame in his relief wood carvings has taken more than just a set of carving tools. D. Bruce Walker started his artistic career on the stage in Eastern Canada in the 1970's. Later that decade, he moved to the West Coast where he met the Haida Native who would change the course of his career. His Native friend presented him with his first set of carving tools and Bruce found his true artistic calling in wood carving. A period followed where no railway tie nor abandoned "two-by-four" escaped Bruce's tools.

Bruce moved to Alberta in the eighties, where he discovered clays and terra cotta. His idea of creating realism in 3D tabletop and wall-mount miniatures began with a full line of musical instruments ranging from pianos in 1800's bar scenes to the basses and saxophones of jazz, on to country music favorites such as fiddles, guitars and banjos. Later that decade, while working as a mould maker for a Calgary display company, Bruce created sculpture moulds of mannequins for plastic thermoforming and precision computer cabinets which were distributed throughout North America. Unfortunately, his artistic career was temporarily halted after this period as his right arm and hand were paralyzed in an accident. Not to be stopped, he simply trained his left side to continue.


It was during this period that Bruce renewed his attachment to wood crafts. From the early 90's to the present, he has been creating full dimensional characters in wood that literally leap out of the wall-mounts. His works are predominantly in oak that has been selectively culled and does not support the destruction of forests.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of his earlier works are represented in this portfolio, due to the unavailability of quality film prints in the past. Some pieces of this portfolio are still available and any of the pieces can be duplicated on a limited basis. In viewing this portfolio, which spans from the most recent to his earlier work, Bruce's progression in his craft is evident, with the promise of increased complexity in his future works.

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This is the last work for a client who will use the Corbel Angels
on either side of his fireplace Mantle.
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Bruce was proud to receive the "Golden Chisel" award.
Carving Patterns Award Site
Here's what the judges had to say.

"Those oak cabinet doors are wonderful. I can imagine how proud I would be to have those displayed in my kitchen. Of course, being a mythology carver your opening photo of the wood spirit really catches my attention. Your site is most deserving of our "Golden Chisel" award!! Indeed Yes!!"

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Click image to enlarge Bluerose

Click HERE to see how the Patriot was Carved. Patriot

Wood-Oak 14" X 14"
Wood-Poplar 12" X 6"
Wood-Birch 8" X 11"
Representing the history of the past millennium.
I am making another one in Oak right now.
Cut from a log actually brought down by a beaver.

Pondering Wisdom woodcarving.

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Pondering Wisdom
Produced on an oak panel from a kitchen cupboard. This piece shows the various options available of where one of his works can be placed. The possibilities are endless. (18 X 29 inches)

A horse and dog and their companion woodcarving.

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A horse and dog and their companion
Produced to coincide with the 1999 Calgary Stampede, this piece demonstrates the western theme potential. (17 X 20 inches)

Wood You Recycle woodcarving.

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The artist retrieved a door made in 1916 and decided to recycle, and this character is the result. The purchaser would continue this utilization of a treasured resource. In it are symbols of recycling. As in nature the wind propelling the sailboat, the child in the baby buggy (as life cycle) the trees to newspaper, then post consumer reuse and the hill which if you follow it up, it will inevitably take you down again. And of course the man himself whom it appears is being body snatched into a tree with a face like image in the burl wood. (33 X 20 inches)

Nude on a pedestal woodcarving.

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This oak piece represents the second work done as an exercise in physiotherapy and is joking referred to by the artist as proof that he can put women on a pedestal. (32 X 20 inches)

Plus $25 sh

Daydreamer woodcarving.

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A 3-D scene in which the apparition of a woman appears to an office daydreamer who is staring out the window. (18 X 21 inches) Oak

Gargoyle Gothic woodcarving.

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This work was inspired when the artist spied a medieval gargoyle peeking from behind the trim of a modern style church. This piece is actually modeled after a much more recognized structure; the Notre Dame in Paris. (15 X 18 inches)

Wood Clown woodcarving.

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This was made from the same 1916 door and for anyone who has mood swings, going from desperate cringe to placid. The court jester seems to be the only consistent image on an even keel. It was originally inspired by an expression the artist wrote years ago. "I heard someone laugh at a sad clown the other day. It must have made one of them happy, but I'm not sure which one." (15 X 16 inches)

Plus $25 shipping & handling. (North America)

Painted Clown woodcarving.

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MOOD SWINGS (painted)
This is the same carving after the artist painted the piece.The Gallery owner, where this is currently on display, suggested it be painted to add another dimension and this is the result. (15 X 16 inches)



Spanish galleon woodcarving.

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This is the first work done with the artist's left hand and serves as an example of Bruce's fierce dedication to rise above adversity. In oak and fully rigged, it's completion was a self-styled physio treatment. (11inches X 24 inches)


Click this image to see a larger picture of bridge mountain pass wood carving.

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This is the first work where the artist causes the oak subject to thrust off the wall-mount. The passage of clouds, to snow, to stream to lake are secondary, the wooden trestle carries this transition. Though this scene is imaginary, the artist suspects that one day he will come upon this locale. (25 X 20 inches)

Plus $25 shipp

Spanish galleon #2 woodcarving.

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Following the failure of the Spanish Armada, the surviving ships were forced to circle the Scottish tip of Great Britain in order to catch the winds back home. The trip was a difficult one, due to the harshness of the climate and the lack of nautical charts. Many a ship simply careened into the rocky crags of the Shetland's and Hebrides. In this carving we catch a glimpse of one such tragedy moments before it's impending doom with the ghost of a Scottish Castle ruin ominous in the background. (25 x 20 inches)

Unicorn woodcarving.

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Commissioned by a man for his wife's unicorn collection a few weeks before she left him, this piece exemplifies that while oak is long enduring, the same cannot be said for some relationships. (12 x 18 inches)

Click here to see a larger picture of the fiddle woodcarving.

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(made from scrap mahogany floorboard and cast-off pine) This was the first miniature fiddle done in what would become an "artistic celebration" of music, depicting numerous instruments. (14 x 16 inches)

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Link to Kappa Sigma website. This is the Commissioned Kappa Sigma Crest for a their Fraternity of Kappa Sigma .

Commissioned Fraternity Crest for Kappa Sigma

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This collection includes many of the individual musical wall-mounts, including a commissioned piece for "Living Legend Productions" where the artist replicated a full sized wall-mount from a business card logo. In all of these wall-mounts the instruments are individually strung with working parts such as tuning pegs, bridges and keys. THE NUDE WOMAN WRAPPED IN SNAKE was an early award winner, and COCA-COLA REFRESHES and the LAKEVIEW STREET SIGN are examples of early pieces made from scrap wood.


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