Relief Wood Carvings

In memory of the artist D. Bruce Walker (Aug 24, 1955- June 30, 2008)

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Welcome to the world of Carvatures relief wood carvings. What you will find in the wood crafts art gallery is just a small sample of relief wood carvings from award winning wood carver, D. Bruce Walker.

What is almost impossible to see from the Photos of the carvings is the depth of the cut into the wood. Relief wood carvings have been described by many like a "3D picture" where the image seems to “leap” from the wood. Several carvings in the art gallery Celebrity Photos are “shallow relief”, meaning the cut into the wood is only a quarter inch or so. Others, like the bears, will spring forth from the wall hanging by 4 or 5 inches. Unfortunately, it is impossible to capture the wood crafts detail in a photo. If a part of the relief wood carving seems to be out of focus, this is because that part of the wood carving is several inches deep.

Click image to enlarge this wood carving of the old man carved into the tree trunk.

Not only did award winning wood carver D. Bruce Walker do relief carvings that hang on the wall like a 3D picture, he also created wood sculptures. These can sit on a desk or table and are carved all the way around.

There was not much that Bruce could not carve.

This past summer (2008) Bruce Walker passed away. The family has decided to keep the Carvings that had not been sold. We will keep the website going to show the fabulous carvings Bruce created during his life.


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